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Timothy Miller

Software Engineer / Entreprenuer / Former Child

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Docker logo pictured next to the Python official logo & Cloudflare logo.

Building the cloudflare-ddns Docker image

3 months ago

CSS @media queries logo

CSS @media queries for responsive websites.

3 months ago

Ant Design & Preact logos are pictured along with the icon for MongoDB.

👨‍💻 Revising my MERN stack for early 2020

3 months ago

Docker, TypeScript, and Visual Studio Code icons displayed over a vaporwave background.

🐬 Dockerized TypeScript App Template

a year ago

Timothy in his Midtown Atlanta apartment excited to show off HomeKit accessories.

HomeKit Apartment Tour 2019

a year ago

How to schedule iMessage on iOS 13 using Node.js & an Always on Mac.

Finally a Free iMessage Scheduler that Just Works

a year ago

How to Build a Crypto Kill Switch to swap instantly between bitcoin and stable coins.

Building a Crypto Kill Switch

a year ago

Timothy Miller looks excitedly at the Cloudflare DNS logo & a Raspberry Pi Zero single board computer.

Free Dynamic DNS based on Cloudflare

a year ago

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I'm a Software Engineer living in Atlanta, GA. I made this website so my work can be more accessible. I consider myself an expert on anything data science or web app related. My stack includes a variety of languages such as TypeScript, Docker, and Python. I maintain a dynamic dns client for Cloudflare and other template projects on my Github.