A reddit user requested a tour of my HomeKit apartment. I geek out on home automation and self-hosting projects. This setup serves my needs perfectly as a young man in Atlanta, Georgia who films YouTube videos on Computer Science topics & self-hosting recreationally. Apple's stance on data privacy in the home is aligned with my own, so there are no Alexa or Google Home products featured in the video below.

📐 Setup

I started experimenting with RGB LED lights which were originally not HomeKit compatible and controlled via an included IR blaster. I purchased a universal IR blaster made by BroadLink for around $20. To connect the BroadLink IR blaster to HomeKit, I used the open source project HomeBridge with the HomeBridge BroadLink RM plugin running on a Raspberry Pi. After recording the codes sent from the included IR blasters and entering them in the HomeBridge software, I am able to send commands to RGB LED strips from the HomeKit Home app on iOS.

💡 Studio Lights

In the video, you can follow along as I modify a studio light set I purchased from Amazon into a studio light I can control using HomeKit. The studio light set can be found on Amazon here.

Using a $6 Sonoff switch flashed with custom firmware, I able to turn any circuit with a max load of 10 amps or less into a HomeKit compatible switch. A 3-pack of Sonoff switches can be found on Amazon here.

The links to my Github repo containing instructions on flashing a Sonoff to support HomeKit can be found here.

👏 Special Thanks


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